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Making life sweeter, one gathering at a time.


CLOSED NOVEMBER 10th 2017 - JANUARY 20th 2018

Please note the above CLOSED dates - but donut despair! We are simply relocating to provide you with only the best doughnutty service! More info here.

Gathering people together with a sprinkling of sugar and a whole lota' love!


Sugar Gathered's heart is all about making your life, and the lives of those you love, just that little bit sweeter! We source and gather all kinds of yumminess from beautiful local businesses and put our sugary spin on things to bring you uniquely tasty and ridiculously indulgent gifts! Gone are the days of inedible presents! Surprise someone (or many someones) with a beautifully hand crafted box, packed with generous amounts of joy, donuts and our not-so-secret ingredient – SUGAR

Oh My Gosh thank-you sooooo much for the sweet box of doughnuts. They look and smell amazing! Can’t stop opening the box!
— N
This box is insane! The whole office just went nuts over these! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you need to check it out!
— K
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It's always the right time to gather.